Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hello everyone

That is really all I have this time. I hope everyone is doing really well, and we are doing fine.........well at least as fine as possible. I am preparing for my radiation therapy which will last two 1/2 weeks. The side effects sound nasty, and so I may be introduced to some unpleasantness soon. Wish Mandy, myself, and anyone else that must endure my whining and complaining.

Another bit of news is that my old work phone #, if anyone has it with the 206 prefix is no longer of use. I only have the 425 prefix (home cell), and if anyone needs that # please email either Mandy or I.

Once again I hope everyone is doing really well!


p.s. I will put up a new post soon about how my treatments are going, how they feel,etc.....I will probably spare everyone the nasty side effect descriptions though.

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  1. Hi Tyler

    Here's wishing you as smooth a ride through the radiation therapy as possible - you too Mandy!

    Please don't spare writing about the nasty side effects - so many read these blogs needing to know what to expect as they also go down this road. Well, that's just my opinion. I hope you don't have many or any to write about anyway!

    We are holding a bone marrow and blood drive here in Chattanooga, TN. Could I use a photo of you to make this drive more real, more touching? I have a good many photos of people needing a match, gone through transplant and a donor or three too and would love to have you up there so people can see who they might be helping as they become donors. If it's ok - please email me at

    Take care and know that there is one more person thinking about you both and sending happy and healthy vibes your way.

    love and light
    Steven's mom