Friday, October 10, 2008

Round 1

Today I went through my first treatment at the UW with radiation therapy to my spine and cranium. It lasted about 30 minutes total, and was relatively painless. The position I have to lay in is the most difficult part, as it puts a strain on my neck/shoulders/back. I am hoping to get some massage to help relax my muscles.

They told me I would feel nothing during the radiation treatment, but I must say that I felt it a little bit. They started with my lower spine, and it sounded like 3 separate radiation applications.........they moved to my upper spine for 3 more, and then on to my head. When they got to my cranium, I could see a black/purplish line going through my head kind of like a copy machine, and there was a strange scent associated when that was going through me. They did this 3 times from my left side of my head, and 3 from the right side. I was able to relax my head and muscles this time much better than I was able to on film day on tuesday. That day I had to lay in the awkward position for about 45 minutes.

They told me to expect that I would get nauseous about 1 to 2 hours after treatment, and my mouth, esophogous, etc... feel somewhat different but no nausea as of yet. I do have a bit of a headache, so Im trying to drink plenty of fluids.

So 1 down and hopefully only 11 to go.


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