Thursday, July 10, 2008

Worried now

Tyler's had a rough week, with the exception of his best round of golf ever on Tuesday night. After the golf, he noticed that his ankle was a little bit swollen. He couldn't remember hurting, except for a minor tweak about a week ago. The swelling was worse on Wednesday, so he asked the nurses about it when he went in for his blood test. They weren't overly concerned about the swelling, but were a little bit worried about the red color of it. They advised him to get off his feet, with ice and elevation to follow.

His blood test results were also disappointing:

WBC: 7.3
HCT: 28.3
PLT: 106

I'm worried that we might be seeing another blast crisis, so it is hard to feel comfortable right now.

Tyler stayed home from work today, to rest his ankle, but feels worse tonight than he did this morning. He's got a sore throat and cough tonight that weren't present before.

We're scheduled for our big appointment at Fred Hutch next Wednesday and then an appointment with Dr M. If he gets much worse, we'll probably try to get him in to the doctor tomorrow and not wait the full week. He just feels so poorly that it is reminiscent of his last two hospitalizations. I truly hope he doesn't have to have more drastic care, but I am not feeling too optimistic tonight.

We'll post more when we know more...

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