Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Today we received the news that it is very unlikely that my brother will be a match. They have done preliminary typing, and it appears he wont be able to be my donor. They now wish to have my parents typed to prepare for a potential transplant with them if my situation becomes dire. Parents are usually a guaranteed half match, unless over time cells have altered or certain anomalies occur. This doesnt seem to me to be my best option, but may become my only option if we need to rush to transplant.

I am hoping that the Tasigna will improve my current health to the point where that option can stay on the back burner. We will most likely have them begin the unrelated donor search now so that remains an option also.

My blood results today for those following:

WBC 13.8
RBC 28.8
Platelets 24 (they transfuse at less than 20)

I will need to go in tomorrow for another blood draw to see if my platelets drop below 20

The doctor also has me scheduled for a bone marrow aspiration on friday to see where I am at with the recent acceleration of Leukemic cells.

The good news is that I feel good, energized, and ready to take on whatever comes my way. This really sucks, but I have to face it and so I will! I will most likely update on friday when we have gathered more information about the next steps.


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