Saturday, July 19, 2008

Joining the National Marrow Donor Registry

How Can I Join the Registry?

If you live in Western Washington or Alaska and would like to join the national Registry, contact the Puget Sound Blood Center at or 206-292-1897 or 1-800-DONATE1 x1897 for more information.

As an alternative, you can print the Donor Registration and Consent for HLA Typing form. Complete the form, sign it, and bring to any Puget Sound Blood Center donation center or mobile blood drive.

Once your sample has been provided, a Bone Marrow Donor Program staff member will contact you for additional information or typing fee payment, if necessary.

If you live in another area of the United States, call the National Marrow Donor Program at 1-800-MARROW-2 or visit the website at National Marrow Donor Registry at My aunt, Cyndie, checked this out and had the following information to share:

For those of you outside of Puget sound this is the web site you can sign up immediately and they will send the swab kit to you. You need addresses and phone numbers of 2 closest relatives and can charge it online with your debit card.

I also found a link about what happens if you are selected as a donor match. There are two methods of collection: Marrow or Peripheral Blood Stem Cell (PBSC). You can always choose whether or not you wish to donate in a specific case, but the intent of the registry is to be willing to donate as often as health and circumstances allow. For more information about the donation and recovery proces, please visit the National Marrow Donor Registry's page about Steps of Bone Marrow & PBSC Donation

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  1. Tyler- We are sending lots of positive thoughts your way. We didn't know what had been going on in your life until Mandy sent out the email with a link to your blog. We will be checking back often to keep up. Let us know if there is anything we can do.