Thursday, July 24, 2008

some good news.......maybe?

Today was hopefully a beginning to a run of better news for Mandy and I. We dont have anything in writing yet, but I talked to a case manager with Premera this morning and it appears that they will have to cover part of the transplant. Because Seattle Cancer Care Alliance/Fred Hutch/UW are the only provider for allogenic stem cell transplants, they have to provide coverage since it is a unique qualifying event.

Now, that made us smile quite a bit today but I also know not to get overly excited until we get this in writing and the HLA blood typing for Gump and I is underway. My doctor has also recommended that we switch medications to get me into a better position for transplant. We hope to get this process underway immediately, and if Gump is a match.....I may be ready for transplant around end of September or early October.

I am still sick as my immune system is fighting, but it is fighting several things. It is fighting the recurring Leukemia, my respiratory issues, fever, and who knows what else? Basically, I have been sick for about 2 weeks straight now, and I am sick of being sick! I tried to get out of the house, and spend time with mom in Sequim. I was able to get away for a day and a half, play some cards and even got in some golf! I was able to finish 18 holes with a cart, but my calves, knees and forearms have been extremely sore since then! Hopefully my new medicine will get my immune system back into shape in the next week or two.

We will let you know more as we go.


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