Monday, January 3, 2011

What is that stuff growing in there?

For the first time in all of the times that we have been coming in to UWMC "for a fever", something actually grew out of the blood cultures from Tyler.  So... the bad news is that Tyler DOES have a bacterial infection in his blood.  The good news is that he has already shown a large improvement since yesterday with the broad spectrum antibiotics and they will be able to fine tune his medications even more now that they know what he is fighting.

They are making plans to move him out of the ICU, now that his blood pressure has stabilized somewhat and his fevers seem to have broken for the last time.  Thank goodness for that!

The doctors hint that we might be able to go home again after a few more days without a fever, so we are hoping for tomorrow or the next day on that.

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  1. We're glad Tyler responded to the antibiotics. I am sending my love and support to you both.