Monday, May 24, 2010

Hey Everyone!

My wife informs me that my friends and family may want to hear from me, and I agree. Ive been home almost a week now, and for the most part things have gone pretty smoothly. I had to go into SCCA on saturday for platelets, but I actually had made a couple on my own....a really good sign! My next blood test will be on thursday, and hopefully my WBC count and neutophils will have increased. Right now I have to be pretty careful about what I eat, and I have to avoid situations that could cause me to get sick or get some sort of infection. Ive been out once to play golf at the driving range chip and putt course, and for the next few weeks/months that may be all Im able to do while my Hickman central catheter is attached.

Sleeping has been a bit of a struggle with my mouth still producing quite a bit of saliva. I have to tote a spit cup around with me wherever I go. I can still only eat soft or liquid type foods like soups, mac n cheese, yogurt, etc...Mandy makes some really good smoothies also which add some good protein. As always Mandy and my mom have been incredible lookin out for me, and making sure I do the right things. I know Mandy really wants me to get out and visit, but I really need to wait until my neutrophil count is at least 500. Neutrophils are the most healing part of the WBC and right now my overall count of WBC is 360 with neutophils at 130 as of this last saturday.

Until I can get these counts to increase Im kind of trapped at home, and ocsssionally get pretty bored. Mandy has given me a honey dew list, but none of the items on the list seem much fun :).......but they are things that need to be done. I watch my golf on thur-sun in the afternoon, and keep an eye on my fantasy baseball team. Doing much better with golf than b-ball right now. Im hoping to get out with some friends, dad and brother to either play at the par 2 course or even get out and watch from a cart if anyone wants to play a round of golf. I can pay a trail fee, and be a caddy until I can take full swings again.

I want to thank everyone for your continued support, amazing comments, and I have to tell you that it really helps! My time in the hospital was about what we expected with some pretty tough moments with the first few days losing lots of blood, and a few weeks of mucositis. Fortunately it wasnt as difficult as back in 2008. We have a few options for our next course of action including another transplant.....this time with my mom. If that were to happen I may be one of less than 5 in the world to have received marrow from both parents. I guess thats okay....I love them both very much, though I would prefer to live through them in a much different way. In the next few weeks after my counts get better, we will begin to formulate our next course of action and hopefully my marrow, spinal fluid, and blood remain clear of any disease. It is very likely it will come back at some point, so the goal is to get our plans in order before it attacks again.

Its been far too long that Ive posted, and hope to do a better job in the near future. Take care and I hope everyone is enjoying this late spring/early summer approaching!



  1. So good to hear directly from Tyler...Mandy does a wonderful job but you are right Tyler , so very good to hear from you..and I am so glad you are HP would like to join you at the golf course either to play or watch. Take good care of yourself. Thinking of you always Lynda L.

  2. Great to hear you're up and a-bout a little. Take it easy but do see that honey dew list at some point! : )

  3. Oh wow - wonderful to hear from you Tyler. And yes, as Lynda says, Mandy does a superb job and its good to hear from you too.
    I will keep believing that your road will get easier, smoother and that your strength returns in full force so that you can deal with your options less stress and worry too.
    love and light

  4. Great to hear from you Ty!

    We need to get out for a round with Ed & Hans. We'll play teams again with you putting & chipping under 50 yards. Should I set something up?

  5. Hi Tyler,

    Vicki, Collin and I are glad to hear you're out of UWMC and back at home. Hospital stays suck, and you've had more than your fair share, but you have been very brave and you have a triumphant spirit. Hang in there buddy, and as your t-shirt says, "Love Life!"

    Collin asks about Tylow a lot, so when you're feeling better, and your immunity is up, we will pop over for a visit.

    P.S. I heard 'Careless Whisper' on the radio the other day, and couldn't stop laughing. "Shoulda known better than to cheat a . . . floor."

    Your friends,

    Mark, Vicki and C-Ray