Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Getting a Good Buzz

Tyler got the rest of his hair shaved off today.  He actually picked all of his facial hair off last week, eliminating the need to shave.  He had a really great attitude about it, but I think that losing your hair must be a little bit hard on any cancer patient.  It is the most visible sign to the world that you HAVE cancer or are sick.

Luckily Tyler has a really nice head and looks as good bald as he does with hair!  I"ll try to post a picture of him soon.

Still no signs of those pesky white blood cells!


  1. If it makes Tyler feel better, I'll volunteer to shave Brian's head....Just tell him that all the cool soccer players go bold these days, it's a sign of the times....


  2. Just wanted to let you know you are both in our thoughts and prayers. When medicine fails we can only rely on our spirits, beliefs and hopes to keep us uplifted. Much love - Deirdre, Nino & baby Tessa