Saturday, October 3, 2009

Light The Night

Hey everyone!! I want to thank everyone so much for donations for this years walk, and thank all of those able to join us for the walk itself! I know many of you werent able to make it for various reasons, and we want you to know we understand of course. For all of those praying, and sending positive thoughts for my continued recovery from this disease......thank you! My recovery has been slowed slightly with the onset of some GVHD symptoms, but we will be dealing with those symptoms and treating them accordingly as time goes on. I wont have an update on that until probably after Oct. next appt. with SCCA.

I am hoping to have enough strength, stamina,and knowledge that working around soils, plants, etc...will be safe on a daily basis to allow me to go back to work sometime in either December or January. I will know more hopefully by early November.

Right now I fill my time with trying to stay as active as possible. Last night I even went and attempted to play soccer. I played goalkeeper, and my agility was pretty lame......but it was great to be out there and I'm glad I did it! Hopefully my teammates will bear with me as I regain my strength in my left leg (calf specifically). Im hoping I can be somewhere around 75% of my old self by next spring. I think I will need to do a lot of running, walking to get to that point. The bottom line for me was just being out there, and seeing good friends again!

Mandy mentioned my golf score of 74, which was by far my best score relative to par ever (+3), my previous best was (+9), but she didnt mention my score at Alta Lake near Chelan where I shot a 101 (+29) or my average score this year which is more around (+16-18). Golf is an extremely humbling game, but the humility is worth it because of the challenge! There is something very special about being outside, walking with friends, razzin each other, and hitting that stupid ball that makes the difficult parts of the game so worthwhile.

Once again, thank you to everyone who contributed to Team Firefly this year. We really appreciate it!!


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