Monday, September 21, 2009


Im pretty lame when it comes to asking others for donations, etc..., but I would like to send out one last reminder for those that havn't already donated to Light the Night this year. More specifically to our Team Firefly. I believe there is a link here on this website where you can make a donation, and we are hoping to get closer to our goal for this year. It is very tough economically for everyone, but we still need to ask. If you cant donate, and would like to join us next saturday at Greenlake that would also be appreciated. We understand for all that cant do either. For those that do want to walk this year, we are all wearing white tops so we can look like a "team". The walk usually starts around 7pm, but there will be other stuff going on before that. I think things start around 4-5pm.

This cause (curing cancer/blood disorders) is obviously very important to me, considering I wouldnt be here if it wasnt for the research and advancements done over the years with donations to this cause! Help us save some more lives, not just for me or for today......but for all of those that will need it in the future.


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