Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tyler Sighting

For a few lucky individuals, there was another Tyler sighting on Saturday evening. After so many months of hibernation, we enjoy these new opportunities to see a few friends and family, so Tyler and I drove to the Museum of Glass in Tacoma to help celebrate at my cousin's wedding. While we are still trying to be careful about exposing Tyler to health dangers (like pets, bacteria, viruses, etc), it was very important to us to help welcome Heather into the family.

Aaron and Heather had a beautiful ceremony and we enjoyed the opportunity to wish them well. As they have been dating for seveal years, we have been able to get to know Heather a little bit and I can honestly say that she is lovely both inside and out! And Aaron is one of the good guys, so it was lovely to see them become husband and wife.

Tyler and I also enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with family members that he hasn't seen in months. So many people in our families have been praying for us and encouraging us, that it was good to be able to thank them. Plus... it is amazing to see Tyler looking so good these days! He's growing hair again and looking stronger every day.

Life is GOOD!!!

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  1. It is truly fantastic to see just how well Tyler is doing - really, really great! What a road you guys have travelled, not over yet, but wow - you have done so beautifully. :)

    Love and light