Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I want to take some time to thank everyone including family, friends, and new friends from around the country! Your support has been so important to both Mandy and I, and we are forever grateful. At our last clinic I was reminded (even though Im aware) that we're less than halfway through this recovery. The doctor compared it to a 100M hurdle race and that I have just cleared the 4th hurdle (of 10). I too feel this way because of the difficulty transplant patients have with GVHD, and also the chances of relapse. We celebrated the 100 days but there are many milestones to reach over the next couple years.

I wont be able to work until early 2010, unless Im showing no signs of GVHD or other complications. Its very strange to be unable to work, go to crowded restaurants, go to Sounders games, attend gatherings, etc.......but I know Im getting closer to the day I will be able to do these things. Your support keeps me going and I am overwhelmed with the response to the blog.

I know some of the people that follow the blog are fellow CML patients and I want you all to know that I constantly pray for all of you and hope that your recovery/journey will be smooth. One thing that has really hit home during this process is that nobody is immune to loss or having a loved one suffer. We all have or will experience this in our lifetimes. I have also learned that I need to make the most out of life and cherish all the great things this life holds.

Recently my best friend suffered a great loss and listening to her life story reminded me that life is about giving and sharing personal strengths. I was very sad also to lose someone that had been influential in my childhood. She also had battled cancer over recent years, and her battle gave me strength to fight my own battle!

Thanks again to everyone for the support youve given, and continue to give! Im doing better every day and am looking forward to conquering the upcoming hurdles.


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