Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day 96 - Our Many Blessings

Today I attended a lovely bridal shower to welcome my cousin's fiance into the family. I was a little bit surprised at how many of the friends and family members there shared their excitement with me over Tyler's recent progress. It was an amazing thing to be blessed by so many others unexpectedly. Many of these ladies have been praying for Tyler's recovery over the last several months and it brought home to me that Tyler and I don't really know who out there is reading our blog. We thank you, both known and unknown, for sharing a few steps on this journey with us.

We have been incredibly blessed to be surrounded with love at every turn in the road and we hope to repay the many favors we have been granted as we get our feet back under us again. I wish everyone had the opportunity to be touched by so many others, without actually having to live through this illness stuff.

As an added bonus, I got to hold my niece, Rachel for part of the afternoon. Although I'm far from a pro, she was willing to suffer through the experience and "bond" with Aunt Mandy a little bit. She's just celebrated her 1 month birthday and I didn't feel those extra 2 pounds she's gained over the last month at all. Until I let her mother reclaim her, that is. Rachel was the 4th of the babies born into the Keith family over the last year, and three of them were actually at the shower today. It was a baby fest!

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