Thursday, April 23, 2009

The End is in Sight

After today's appointments, we are pleased to report that we have a final appointment for SCCA and... our first appointment back with Dr McGee! The last day that Tyler will be an SCCA patient is May 7th. Halleluah! While we have worked with some amazing staff there, we are still excited to mark the end of our journey with them.

After reviewing his blood tests today, they told Tyler that he could relax his potassium diet guidelines. Thank goodness for that! I never realized how much I rely on beef or pork or tomatoes or beans or spinach or milk in my cooking. To be able to use those again means that Tyler and I get to start eating good food again.

In fact... Tyler wanted a steak to celebrate his final lumbar puncture, but it wasn't allowed last week. I'm thinking that it might be time for us to visit the Keg for a great dinner. As his parting goal from the nutritionish, Tyler is supposed to work on gaining a couple of pounds each month over the next several months. I think that most of that will be muscle mass as he continues to increase his activity level.

Also, they got the results of his bone marrow test. We are thrilled to report that there is NO SIGN of the leukemia in his bone marrow.

We are counting our blessings today!!!


  1. That's the best news we have had here at 70th in a while!!!! Hope to see you soon.

  2. Tyler!!! Let's schedule a golf outing soon!!!! We can invite Hans and have a good laugh - at Hans' expense of course.

  3. hmmm...Steak, I'll take some of that action before they tell me to stop gaining weight...I'm guessing your cholestorol is probably perfect too, I say go to town when you have a chance !!!

    Loving your results, keep up the great work !