Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bonus Visits -- Not On Our List

We have been scheduled for a few bonus doctor's visits this weekend, as they don't really like some of Tyler's counts right now. His potassium has climbed again, as well as his creatinine. These are both signs that his kidneys are not able to eliminate all of the waste from his body. They are restricting his diet again and have sent us an IV bag to infuse each day for the next several days.

On the side of fun, we watched the Seattle Sounders soccer team defeat Toronto after getting home from the lab draw today. It's fun to have a Seattle team to cheer for, especially in the sport that we love so much! With only a month left in the post translant period at SCCA, I am starting to dream of life after cancer. Not that it will ever disappear from our lives entirely, but we hope that it once again fades into the background of our lives.

At the 100 day mark, provided Tyler has no major complications, we will be referred back to Dr. McGee (our original oncologist). We love the staff there and have missed the consistency of our care with them. Additional milestone will occur at 6 months and 12 months, but I am just trying to focus on getting to the 100 day point for now.

We hope to report that Tyler is feeling better soon and ask that any prayers being said on his behalf would include his overworked kidneys.

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