Thursday, August 14, 2008

Scott wins!

The SCCA called Tyler yesterday to let us know that the HLA typing is complete on his parents and sister. They have determined that Scott (Tyler's Dad) is the best match for Tyler's surgery, so Scott has to go in for doctor's appointments with us next week and get a physical at the same time.

We are blessed that Scott (and all of the family) was so willing to help by offering up their marrow for Tyler. The SCCA tells us that the type of surgery they want to do requires that the donation be from the marrow, so the donor has a much more invasive procedure than if the stem cells come from the peripheral blood only.

Yesterday's doctor appointment showed an improvement in Tyler's counts:

WBC: 7.8 (a fantastic drop into normal ranges)
HCT: 26.9 (Dr McGee was disappointed and sent Tyler to get 2 units of red blood cells)
PLT: 32 (much improved after transfusion earlier this week)

Tyler's black eye is beginning to fade, so I'm not getting as many looks from people worried about spousal abuse. If only they knew, his lovely niece was the tough one in the family... Actually, the black eye he got just indicates that his platelets were way too low earlier in the week. Now that he is up at 32, he is at less risk for bleeding.

I think those are the updates for now. Many blessings to you all!

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