Friday, August 22, 2008

Bledsoe Hospital Opening October 7th

The most amazing thing from yesterday's visit to the SCCA was learning that Tyler's transplant will be an OUTPATIENT procedure. Scott would be inpatient at UW for about a day, to recover from the marrow harvest, but Tyler would go home that very day. We are all still shock from that information and a little bit nervous. Andrea and I are not nurses by trade, so we have to be completely confident that we can support Tyler's needs during those most critical first weeks.

It's difficult to imagine that they can do such a serious procedure as an outpatient procedure, but we should learn more about that when we go to our caregiver classes next week.

Otherwise, yesterday was another full day of tests. Tyler had a lung test and an X-ray. We met with a social worker to make sure he was emotionally ready for such a surgery.

And, at the end of the day, we met with the current attending physician. The physicians rotate monthly, so we will likely see two more doctors by the time he has his transplant. We were pleased to see that the doctor we met with (Dr Collins) was the one we had met months ago when we initially toured Fred Hutch with the Light the Night folks. We had a very good meeting with him and got many of our questions about the procedure answered.

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