Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day 1 at SCCA

Tyler is now officially a patient of the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA). We're sad that we don't have more appointments with Dr. McGee until the end of January, but we are excited to be on the countdown to a new normal. If things go right, Tyler will be cured of his leukemia. Can you even imagine such a thing? I pray that is indeed the result we will get.

In any case, you are probably wondering about Day 1 at SCCA. Scott (Tyler's Dad and marrow donor), Andrea (Tyler's mom), Tyler, and I arrived at their clinic about 11am yesterday. Both of the guys had a 2 liter vial of blood drawn for their various blod test. Actually, it was more like 150cc, but the guys were both amazed at how much they saw filling up the vials. We decided fainting would not add to the experience, so we went and had lunch while waiting for our next appointment.

At 1pm, both men were called in for their physicals. Andrea and I waited in the reception area for about an hour and a half (note to self: take a book for the next visit) until they were done with their initial physical. Then Jackie, the Red Team RN, came to give us a tour of the locations we will be visiting over the next few weeks. We have a schedule for the current week of appointments, but nothing for the following week yet.

Thursday's appointment starts at 11am again, so we need to head out the door again pretty soon. Lunch options were slim yesterday, so I'm planning to research some more eateries that are close to our appointments.

More after our next appointments...

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