Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Fantasy Guy

Tyler showed a definite upswing in energy this evening.  He slept much of the day and felt lousy through the afternoon, but around dinner time he actually felt like a little bit of the congestion was clearing up.  I was certain that he was feeling a little better when he made several Fantasy Football moves after he had dinner.  My darling husband is the king of all things related to statistics, so he is a huge fan of Fantasy Sports.

I don't know if the improvement was due to the extra sleep, some stronger antibiotics, or something else (all of you?!?).  I can only hope that he is now on the right path.

He is scheduled to fly back to Houston next week to wrap up the end of his 2nd month on the Ariad drug.  With his illness, we are uncertain if he will be able to make the trip.  Here's hoping a quick recovery is headed Tyler's way.

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