Tuesday, August 10, 2010

No Longer a Cyclops

Sorry for the long delay in posting.  Life has been busy for the last few weeks!

We have been joking around the house that Tyler is no longer a cyclops.  For much of this shingles battle, he was unable to open his left eye because of pain or the sensitivity to light.  About a week ago, he just started using it again!  It's fun to see both of his eyes again and know that he can actually see me again.

He also started driving again, which helps him to feel less trapped in the house.  I was a little concerned because of his comments on the first day that he tried driving.  He decided to take a test drive to Starbucks.  I'm certain that his drive for vanilla latte was the real need that prompted him to get out of the house, but thankfully things went well on that short trip.  He then decided to take a slightly longer trip to enjoy his freedom, which was great and put him in very good spirits.

While we were watching TV later that evening, Tyler said to me "Wow! I can almost see the TV again.".  For some reason, this made me feel like the parent of a 16 year old and I started worrying about the fact that he was out on the road again.  Thankfully, his eyesight has continued to improve and the doctor was very pleased with how well Ty was doing at our visit last Friday.

Hopefully he soon tells me that he can see perfectly fine again and I don't have to volunteer to drive every time we are headed out!  ;)

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