Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blind Man's Vision

For the many who wanted to know if Tyler was able to play golf... I figured I had better post a quick update.

Tyler had an eye appointment on Friday morning and the doctor continued to be pleased with the progress made.  Unfortunately, Tyler isn't quite as happy.  He still feels like something is scraping the inside of his eye and finds that he is most comfortable with his left eye closed.  He is unable to enjoy this stretch of beautiful weather because he is also very sensitive to bright light.

Despite all of that, he did travel to Bellingham for the annual Ballapalooza golf outing.  And after much begging by his wife, he decided to give the golf a try (rather than just acting as a caddy).  According to all reports, he was quite blind on the course and started off the day with a quadruple bogey.  Somehow he turned it around and had the best score of the group! 

Despite the cart to move him around, he was REALLY sore by the end of the round.  I am hoping that he can get out again soon and begin building up his strength and endurance again.  But first, we have to get over this eye thing.
Thanks to everyone for their encouragement, their prayers, and their e-mails!

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