Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Test Results In

Tyler got a call from the doctor today and found out that his last blood test results showed an increase in leukemic cells.  While there are no blasts, his PCR went from .01 to 3.0.  (I think, although I got this second hand....)  This is definitely a bad sign, as it indicates that the disease is starting to get out of control again.

The doctor listed Tyler's options for him, although they haven't really changed.  The Ariad trial probably won't open up in Seattle or Portland until October/November, which might be too long to wait.  There might be a spot on the hedgehog trial in October.  In addition, Tyler is still a candidate for a cord blood transplant. 

Of these options, he still prefers the Ariad trial.  Because of the delay in getting things here, we might have to look around the country to see if we can find a spot on the trial somewhere else.

Tyler is, understandably, bummed about the test results.  He has just started to feel good after the shingles outbreak, so the news is coming at a tough time.  So... We are now scouting the country for new trials that Tyler would be eligible for.  He'll have another more in depth blood test in the next week to get more details about what is going on inside him.

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  1. Oh boy - I am sad to read about these results. The continuing worry and stress must take quite a toll on you all.
    Sending many thoughts and hopes for a great trial that works wonders.
    love and light