Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tyler says "Eye" am Better!

Sorry that my "punny" husband got to pick today's title, but the news is finally good news!  At our Tuesday afternoon appointment, the doctor was very pleased with what he saw in Tyler's left eye.  Although he was hoping to see this level of improvement last Friday, we really didn't want to complain too much. No More Shots in the eye was enough for us to celebrate!  Tyler REALLY splurged and ordered his drink of choice (Vanilla Latte with Light Ice) in the Venti size, instead of his normal Grande.

The doctor actually told us that Tyler's eye looked "less fluffy" on Tuesday (my pick for the title of this post), so I guess that is a good thing?!  The ophthalmologist has been really good to work with, so we can't complain too much...

In addition, Tyler says that today (Wednesday) was the first day in which he has noticed any improvement in his eye in the last month that he has been fighting shingles.  I am still pulling for golf to be possible on Friday, so we want to see more and more improvements on Thursday.

He is dealing with severe itching and some pain from the rest of his head.  If you remember fighting chicken pox, then you probably know how strong the urge to scratch can be!  Shingles is actually the reactivation of the chicken pox virus, although it doesn't manifest itself in the same way.

Thanks for the encouragement and well wishes.  Tyler and I both appreciate the support that we receive from coworkers, friends, and family members.

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