Friday, January 29, 2010


There is no way to know what will happen from here. My life with Leukemia continues as we now know after one year post transplant. Next week I will be involved in a procedure which will hopefully finish off what the transplant started. Its called a Donor Lymphocyte Infusion (DLI), and my father and I will begin that route next week. This was not the greatest news to receive after having a very smooth and otherwise happy one year evaluation, but was also not completely unexpected. From here the path veers somewhat, but the goal remains the same.......eliminate the disease from my system.

The result of this procedure has a wide array of outcomes including remission, a wide range of potential GVHD symptoms, and of course it not working, or only buying me some time until something better comes along. We feel it is in my best interest to do this procedure in the hopes of full remission. We can only continue to try and do the right things and go with our heart dealing with this mysterious disease. I could choose to sulk, pout, give up, lose hope, etc.....but for me those are not an option. The outcome is unknown, but what is known is that I have a very good life otherwise......a beautiful wife, great family, amazing friends, and absolutely incredible support from everyone I've known past and present. So I will continue to move forward and concentrate on what I can do. Life is way too precious to choose otherwise! There have been some amazing things that have happened during my life with Leukemia, and I believe in my heart that amazing things will continue to happen no matter what happens with this disease.

My father has given me life with his bone marrow and blood, and it has successfully removed most of the disease. Now its time to finish the job! Next week he will graciously donate more of his body to protect me, and allow me to continue such a wonderful life. I cant tell you how excited I am to live a long healthy life, and for Mandy and I to share some great moments together and with those we love!

From the bottom of my heart,


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  1. What a wonderful way of dealing with this not-so-great news..... I will be adding my positive thoughts, wishes and dreams for you both, to the long list of others that are doing just that already.
    love and light
    Steven's mom