Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday's Testing

Today went really well at SCCA!  Tyler had about 10 tubes of blood drawn for various lab tests to kick off the morning.  Then he had a comprehensive physical looking all over for any signs of Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD).  He did show small signs in his mouth, but in general they rated him as not having GVHD.

Then, the team cancelled 2 of his appointments for tomorrow and 2 of his medications (at least until Thursday's final conference).  His blood test results showed that he was well within acceptable ranges.

Finally, he had a bone marrow aspirate (to which they added a bone marrow biopsy and a skin biopsy).  It was fairly uneventful (thanks for the lovely drugs they give him) and the fact that they got marrow on the first attempt.  He's a little sore now from the bone marrow procedure, but we'll have a low key evening and he should be feeling better by tomorrow.

Thanks for all of the prayers for his good tests.  Our friend, Hans, has his 3 month bone marrow aspirate tomorrow, so we would ask that our friends say a prayer for his test results as well.

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  1. yeah!! glad to hear the good news. more prayers for continued healing!