Friday, September 18, 2009

Waiting Game

Tyler survived a marathon doctor's appointment at SCCA, but overall it was a good thing. They confirmed that he does have GVHD, but are waiting on the results of a pulmonary (lung) function test he took in the afternoon. I ended up being sick on Tuesday and couldn't join Tyler at his appointments, but I hear he tracked down many of the staff members that we interacted with over the last year. The people were definitely the very BEST part of our time at SCCA!

Tyler's mom was also in town for the day, so she was able to drive him home after his appointments and catch up the latest and greatest. She made me realize that some of the improvements that I take for granted now should be shared with those of you who have joined us on this journey.

- Tyler is now walking without his brace about 90% of the time. He was getting stronger with the physical therapy, but decided in August(?) to try going without the brace more and more often. He's now golfing without and credits his best score ever (a 74!) with the ability to rotate his ankle again!

- He got his 1st Post Transplant hair cut and is looking really good (especially on the days when he shaves)! I promise to post a picture soon.

- He's able to eat anything he wants, as the end of his immunosuppressant drugs (Tacrolimus) means the end of a restricted diet! Bring on the blue cheese!

- He still isn't back to work, but considers it occasionally. He's been working to build up his strength and endurance so that he can resume his job as soon as possible. There are some concerns that the nature of his job (groundskeeping) may pose risks beyond just the physical toll, so we're doing what we can to consider all work options.

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