Saturday, February 2, 2008

Moving on to the Spleen

Tyler's doctor's visit this week went really well. It was interesting that the doctor told us during our visit that he had actually been thinking about Tyler for two days before, wondering if the new dosage would turn out to be the right one. It seems like it must have been a good start, because everything the doctor looked at this week looked positive.

His WBC were 3.0, his HCT was 28.7, and his platelets were 138. Dr. M said his liver enzymes were down (I assume that means less toxicity from the medication) and everything was as he would wish. He even had Tyler schedule a spleen scan for next week. Many of you will remember that Tyler's last spleen scan allowed him to return to soccer. We're trying not to pester the doctor every week about when Tyler can return to the pitch, but I can't help but be hopeful.

The only downside of the visit was that the doctor said Tyler will need to be on light duty at work through the month of February. Ty does have the freedom to monitor his own work schedule, but was hoping that his body would repaid quickly enough for him to return to work full time. The last time he worked his regular schedule was the first week of December, so it has been a bit odd.

I know he has been happy to be back to work part time and has been careful not to overdo it in his daily chores. As he rebuilds his lost strength, I think we will have an easier time each day.

This weekend is Julie's birthday, so we are off to a family celebration now. It's so great to have an excuse to party!


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