Thursday, January 24, 2008

Does He Look Pale to You?

I think Tyler is starting to look a little bit pale with all of the blood he's been giving over the past two months... What do you think? (Just kidding!!)

He went for another blood test yesterday and all of his major counts went down. I must admit... I am confused with what is happening to his counts and nervous that he will drop into the danger zones on some of them. For those of you following the numbers, Platelets were at 108, White Blood Cells were at 2.5, Red Blood Cell (actually his Hematocrit) were at 26.5. The doctor lowered Tyler's Sprycel dose to 90mg per day (from 110mg) with yesterday's test counts. We'll see how his blood looks with that change at our doctor's appointment next Wednesday.

On the upside, he did start back to work on Friday 1/18 and has been working part time since then. I think he is enjoying getting back into work, although he is a little bit stiff after such a long break from activity.

We are headed to Wenatchee for the weekend to celebrate my cousin's wedding. I look forward to seeing as many family members as are able to travel to Wenatchee with the cold winter weather. We are so excited to share in Bryan and Heidi's celebration.

See you there!


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