Friday, January 18, 2008

He's 2/3 Normal

Tyler had another blood draw and doctors appointment on Wednesday, January 16th. With great pleasure, we can share that Tyler is now 2/3 normal! His White Blood Cells remained in the normal range, his red blood cells climbed a little bit, and his platelets got back into normal range (151). Normal range for platelets is 150-400, so he's kind of pushing the "normal" designation, but we take what we can.

He also was granted the work release we have been hoping for. He's only supposed to go in part time and stick with light duty stuff, but it's a definite step in the right direction! Today was his first day of work, so I am curious to hear how it went.

We were also supposed to get our final piece of new furniture delivered and I am excited to see how fantastic our room looks with the new bedroom furniture. (Thanks to the Keiths for helping us to be grownups!) The stuff we've already gotten looks fantastic, but we still felt like we were in a state of transition. With today's armoire, we should be able to finish moving things around.

Thanks for the prayers and kind inquiries!


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