Thursday, April 12, 2007

Entry for April 12

T's tests yesterday showed that he is back in normal ranges for almost all of his blood counts. His platelets had climbed another 100 to 287, even though he started taking the Gleevec again over the weekend. Dr. McGee upped T's Gleevec dosage from 400mg per day to 600mg per day. Hopefully the blood counts will stay in normal ranges over the next several tests.

T has blood draws only for the next 2 weeks and then an appointment in the 3rd week. We're hoping for good news in all of the appointments! Overall, he seems to be feeling good. His job is tough now, but he seems to have the energy to keep up, so that is a good thing. We'll see how his energy level is after a full month of hard work and expected overtime.

Thanks to all for the prayers and well wishes. We sincerely appreciate every ounce of support from each of you!

On the newlywed front, things are GREAT! We are enjoying each other's company as much as ever. I'm so thankful that I waited for this wonderful man! We are still trying to finish up thank you notes, so if you haven't gotten one yet it is only because I ran out of cards with appropriate themes. I really wanted to share a wedding photo on the cards because I had liked that so much with my sisters' weddings. But it took us a long time to get pictures due to some challenges in our photographers' lives. We have gotten the pictures now and hope to finish up on making the next batch of cards. If you have known me long, you know that I'm a procrastinator so you probably aren't too surprised.

I guess that is all for today's note; I just wanted to share the latest results with you.

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