Thursday, April 26, 2012

Travels in Spain

Travels in Spain Now that I have run my race, the fun can finally begin!  After a day of rest, Mom and I headed to Segovia to admire one of the last standing Roman Aqueducts.  It was amazing to see such an imposing structure up close and then be able to walk in and around it.

This particular aqueduct has been standing for over 2000 years without any sort of mortar to hold it together.  Engineering is completely amazing for the tools they had available at that time.

After wandering around the city admiring old buildings and learning about them with our audio guide, we finally sat down to enjoy some tapas and sangria at El Gato.  I picked the first round of tapas, so we enjoyed patatas y salchichas (potatoes and sausages) and tortillas (a potato and egg cake similar to a quiche without a crust).  Both were served on slices of crunchy French bread.

Mom chose the second round of tapas, so we had a different potato and sausage combo and then she also chose cold, slimy clams.  I ate one, but a significant amount of sangria was used to wash it down.  She happily enjoyed both of her clams and my second clam.

The cost for the sangria and tapas was only 8 euros! After two glasses each of delightful sangria, we headed out to wander around Segovia a little bit longer.  I really enjoyed the sights of the city while the sun was setting. On Wednesday morning, we were trying to find directions to a cafe with free Internet by asking the delivery men and bartender at El Gato.  We accidentally found out (thanks to a nice couple from Colorado) that all we had to do was ask the bartender for a password to their wireless and we could get online to grab directions to our next stop.  So we hung out in the bar for breakfast and ate more sausage and potatoes and tortillas.  Breakfast only cost us 2 euros, which was most likely mom's tea. We headed to Toledo then. More on that in my next post...

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