Sunday, April 15, 2012

One Week to Race Day!

I completed my final long training run on Saturday morning, and just have two more US runs and two more Spanish runs before race day!  I'm still in shock that, after 6 months of training, I am final approaching the big day.  I've had several requests to post updates and will certainly try to accommodate, although I can't make any promises.

My goal for the day is simply to finish the race within the time limit.  The weather is forecasted for a high of 67 degrees, so I'll likely get completely sunburnt while running from 9am until 3pm!  I wish I could move a little bit faster, but 42 km (26 miles) is a really long way to go and I have to save a little bit of energy to stagger across the finish line.  :)

One week to RACE DAY!!!

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  1. Hi Mandy... I just finished reading you and Tylers entire blog last night.. I'm deeply moved and sadened by the outcome.. My name is Troy and I live in Boise.. I was diagnosed last Feb with CML and am currently on Tasigna, so far with good results.. Your blog has really opened my eyes on the severity of my illness and definitely learned so much and what to look for. I have been to SCCA and had my visit with Dr. Ohler, she is very nice. thank-you so much.

    ps.. My Aunt Lorrie ran in my name last year for LLS.. you and her are a lot alike.. I have know doubt that you will finish with flying colors..