Saturday, July 9, 2011

Smiles out of my Camera

I wanted to download some pictures from my camera onto my computer today and was pleasantly surprised to find some of Tyler from our trips to Houston.  Since they made me smile, I thought I would share with you too.  He was a wonderful goofy man that filled my days with laughter, despite the tough circumstances he faced!

Attacking his breakfast in the cafeteria at MD Anderson in Houston.

 Notice the 2010 Light the Night t-shirt that he is wearing...  We were in Houston the week before and week after LTN last year, trying to get on the trial.  He finally made it on the week after the walk.  Maybe that is why he is smiling in this photo?

Tyler had a great deal of sensitivity to bright lights after his bout with shingles last summer, so he wore all sorts of hideous sunglasses to protect his eyes.  Here he is showing on his beverages at a mexican restaurant we went to in Houston. I actually think it might have been our last day there, but this picture really makes me remember how great his attitude was and how much fun we had together!

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