Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lamb Day

One of my friends invited several of us out to her mom's farm to see this year's lambs. I borrowed Rachel for the weekend to make sure I fit in with the rest of the parents that would be there. We started the morning with some tasty snacks, while Rachel got to know the other kids there. Everyone was surprised at how big she is getting!

After everyone had a chance to get a snack, we headed out to the barn to see the sheep. Rachel was all bundled up for a day at the farm with her jacket and boots, but she was very excited to see the "farm animals". She had been admiring the sheep through the windows while she had her snack.
The weather has been pretty rainy over the last 4 or 5 months, so the ground was plenty moist and there were several mud puddles for the kids to stomp through.

Rachel was starting to feel a little bit brave and inched towards the herd of sheep she saw, but they got spooked by some of the other kids that were chasing them so she wasn't able to get too close out in the field.

Once the sheep were up in the barn, she was actually brave enough to pet one of them. A couple of the adults caught lambs and would hold them so that the kids could get close and pet them, but Rachel decided not to risk it.

One of the highlights for her was getting to see cousin Mitch. He was dressed in camouflage for the outing so it was hard for me to see him, but Rachel has her father's hunting instincts and was able to pick him out easily.

Unfortunately, the mud got the better of her and she face planted in the biggest puddle that she could find. After she got her entire front covered in mud and whatever else the sheep drip out there, she lost some of her zest to chase after the sheep. Aunt Julie helped me to capture Rachel's feeling on the subject.

After enjoying the lambs and mud (and wearing their parents out), everyone trooped inside for pizza and fruit and tasty cookies. For some reason, every child had on different pants in the afternoon than they had in the morning! We changed Rachel's entire outfit, but Aunt Mandy forgot to bring a change of clothes for herself and got to stay muddy.

Thanks to the Jensen family for Lamb Day! We had so much fun!

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