Thursday, December 23, 2010

Staying south

Unfortnuately, Tyler experienced some complications after his bone marrow aspiration yesterday and had to be admitted to the hospital here in Houston. As he was leaving the BMA, he had severe shivers and (although he was fine right at the end of the procedure) had a temperature that spiked up to 103 in a very short time. We spent the afternoon in the ER and then transferred to a bed on the 16th floor. The fever broke overnight, most likely in response to the antibiotics that they started him on, but we will probably be in Houston for at least a few extra days.

We are both upset about being stuck in Houston for Christmas, but we had planned on a very quiet Christmas anyways so this just makes sure that we abide by that.

His platelets were back down to 1 today, so they are giving him another transfusion now. Hopefully yesterdays platelet's were just eaten up by the fever yesterday and he will still be able to get by with transfusions every other day for a while longer.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday to you and yours!

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  1. Mandy and Tyler,

    Merry Christmas!!!! You may not know that I follow your blog religiously, but I do!! You two are in my family's prayers! We will be thinking of you both as you celebrate in Texas!

    Love you!


    PS I am Texan (kind of)...born in Del Rio!Give a shout out to my home state!!!