Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Wishes

The attending physician at MD Anderson suspected that Tyler's fever and chills were most likely due to platelet reaction, rather than an infection since Tyler didn't have any signs of fever after at first night. Although they wanted to keep him on antibiotics just in case, they agreed to let us fly home late on December 24th. While we are ecstatic to be closer to our loved ones, I still have some very big concerns about Tyler's health. After getting two bags of platelets in the hospital yesterday, he still was bleeding in his mouth during the plane flight and all night long. His platelet count just doesn't seem to be bumping up much or holding at all. They will most likely have to move towards matched platelets, where a member of the community will be asked to donate specifically to Tyler, rather than using the pooled platelets from normal blood drives. The idea behind matching the platelets is that Ty's body will be more likely to accept everything in the bag, rather than just the few that match from a pooled bag.

On the Christmas front, we can hardly believe that it is! We got home around midnight PST last night, so we went straight to bed. I'm hoping that Tyler will feel up to celebrating Christmas next weekend. We might be more together by then. :)

We wish you all a wonderful holiday!



  1. I'm often reading, though not often commenting because I don't have much helpful to say. Just wanted to say that I am here and you and Tyler are loved. I hope we can celebrate Christmas when Tyler is up for it and the rest of us are well enough to not pose a risk to him.

  2. Glad to hear you made it back home to spend the holidays there. Thinking of you often.

  3. The Hansch Family continues to say our prayers for both of you! Thank you for sharing this difficult journey with us and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Please say strong and keep the faith!