Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Outperforming Expectations

Last week, at Tyler's clinic visit our doctor said that Tyler is outperforming every expectation she had of him!  He was in the running for a spot on the Ariad trial, but was beat out by one of the other candidates.  Our doctor says that if the Ariad folks could just see Tyler, they wouldn't be so concerned about his recent health challenges being a risk on the trial.  With that in mind, Tyler is going to Portland today with Hans and I have offered to fly him to Massachusetts to meet with the drug company directly.  ;)

Actually, we are pleased to say that he has actually been able to start golfing on short courses again.  He's pretty worn out after all of the walking to and from the cart, but is improving with the ability to exercise again.  He's got good color back in his face and his normal vigor is apparent when you spend time with him.

His blood counts continue to improve and he is beginning to branch out and eat a larger variety foods.  I have even started up with the "honey do" list again.  :)

Thank you for your continued encouragement.  Many people have e-mailed us to celebrate the recent good news and we sincerely appreciate all of your encouragement in both the good times and the dark times.  Our current prayers are targeted at finding a treatment option that Tyler can qualify for that will make a difference in his long term survival!  We are 3 years into our battle and I am amazed to see how much we have been through so far.  We absolutely could not have made it this far without the outstanding support we receive from coworkers, friends, and family.

We hope to see some of you soon!


  1. Oh boy - just the heading of this post brought happy tears to my eyes!! How wonderful to hear that Tyler is doing better....
    Tons of hopeful, healthy and positive thoughts heading your way...
    love and light

  2. We love you, Tyler! Such great news :) Big hugs alll around....


  3. Hi Mandy and Tyler...

    So glad to read the latest update...I've been following for awhile - on my own CML journey to transplant...Just wanted to suggest that maybe you contact Greg Stephens with the National CML Society (I think you can get his email from www.newcmldrug.com) he might be able to point you in the direction of some new trials...

    Cheryl Thornton