Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Don't Scratch

Tyler suffered a setback in his health this weekend.  It appears that his body got bored with feeling good, so he has developed shingles.  I thought he just didn't want to spend Father's Day with me, but seeing the blisters all over the right side of his head has kind of cured me of that notion.

He is truly miserable, as he has large blisters from his left eye all of the way back on his head and a huge amount of pain.  He's basically been sleeping for the last couple of days.  The worst part of it is the blistering in his eye and the fear that his vision might be affected.

I hope that the blisters crust over soon, so that he is no longer contagious, and the pain begins to fade.


  1. Ugg- Tyler. I'm so sorry to hear, shingles, what a drag. Hope you get crusty soon.
    Laura and Steve

  2. ughh! I had shingles last fall, and it was only small and right below my ribcage on my left side. But it was miserable.