Sunday, November 1, 2009

Old Guys Rule

Tyler celebrated his 43rd birthday yesterday, although he insists it is the first of many.  He's actually planning to celebrate his Dad's birthday (in honor of his donated marrow) and his transplant date as birthdays as well.  I'm thinking that I might go broke with that many birthdays, but Tyler certainly deserves some fun this year.

Actually, he decided to spend his day golfing with his brother (a round of golf is an outstanding gift idea for Tyler!) and then we had a movie night. Tyler had chosen some classic movies to watch for his birthday, so we enjoyed The Way We Were (although a week early because it arrived before his birthday and he didn't want to wait), Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail.

Although we had to interrupt the movies for trick or treaters, we really enjoyed a chance to get back to one of our favorite things.  One of our very first dates was a movie night, so we always enjoy a chance to relive that!

Happy Halloween!


  1. Your blog is so inspiring and full of hope to people who have or are going through a tough time. Keep it up and hope you continue to have the best of luck, health and wealth!

  2. Happy Birthday Tyler!

    It's not possible to have too many birthdays and three is a beautiful number...... enjoy them all!

    And I agree with the comment above - this blog is like a life ring, giving hope and belief to so many others. Even though Steven is doing very well, it's SO comforting to read blogs like yours that tell us that a transplant is totally do-able.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your jouney, both of you, and for keeping it going especially when life is getting back to 'normal' again.

    Only the best wishes headed your way....always.

    love and light
    Steven's mom