Monday, November 2, 2009

Hans update

For those of you who are also following the story of our friend Hans, he is beginning a clinical trial for a new drug created by Ariad.  I believe this is a Phase 1 trial, meaning it is at the very early stages of testing the drug, but it has shown a very good response for CML patients who are resistant to Gleevec and Sprycel.  Even more importantly, it is one of the first drugs to have an impact on the T315I mutation of leukemia.  Hans's most recent mutation testing showed that he has that mututation, so continuing with Gleevec or Sprycel doesn't really make sense.

He will have to travel to Portland for some of his treatment, but thankfully it is not further away.

Tyler and I would ask that our friends join us in praying for Hans to receive successful treatment.  The trial certainly looks like a promising option, but a little extra help is always worthwhile!

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  1. A little extra help headed Hans' way - and to you two too. :)
    Love and light