Saturday, June 13, 2009

Test Results and Health Update

Tyler and I realized that we haven't posted any of his recent test results. They are looking really good, so we have just been filing them away. But, in case you are a numbers geek like we are, here are the results from June 9th.

WBC: 5.7 (normal 4.8-10.8)
HCT: 32.2 (normal 40-50)
PLT: 103 (normal 150-400)

Dr. McGee has been very pleased with Tyler's continued boringness, so we hope to continue that. We wonder about some redness and dryness that he has been experiencing in his eyes, but this seems to be very mild (if it is indeed GVHD). Hopefully he does not experience any further signs and does not have to slow down his taper of the tacrolimus (immunosuppressant).

On the upside, Tyler is feeling GOOD! He's slowly resuming normal activities and I am so very thankful to see him thriving again. Thanks for continuing to walk this journey with us.

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