Thursday, April 10, 2008

Weekly Counts and Soccer Update

Tyler's counts held steady again this week, so we were pleased with that. The doctor seemed to want to raise Ty's Sprycel dosage, but didn't want to put him into an anemic state. So for now, he stays at 80mg per day of the Sprycel.

WBC: 3.8
HCT: 34.8
PLT: 189

Tyler was given a slightly longer leash too. He now has 2 weeks of blood draws only and then a doctor appointment on 4/30. Hopefully his longer leash is a good one and he feels good the whole time!

One side note that we haven't mentioned earlier... Tyler was officially released to play soccer in time for our first Spring Season game on March 28th. He showed off "the move" more than once and burned the opponent every time.

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