Monday, December 31, 2007

Tyler bows before his wife's superior skillz

Tyler and I have been in the habit of predicting his platelet count over the last week and I've had a pretty good record so far. While I missed yesterday's count (by a whopping 9), I was dead on this morning and it was the best one yet!

For the first time this month, Tyler's platelet count increased on its own! He actually climbed from 28 yesterday to 31 today. Our nurse says that platelets are the last thing to recover from a marrow crisis, but it's great that Tyler's finally gotten there. While we have had no tests to see test for abnormal cells, this test suggests that the Sprycel is doing its job and getting the blast crisis under control. Once the blast crisis is back under control, Tyler's body is able to make useful cells like healthy white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets.

Another bonus from today's visit is a brief hiatus from the doctor -- we get to sleep in tomorrow and avoid going to the hospital for a blood check. It'll be only our second day away from the hospital/doctor since we got back into the country. :) We are so excited to have a day off!

We are hopeful that he has turned a corner in this current battle and thank you for your continued prayers!


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