Sunday, December 30, 2007

An Excellent Report Card

Yesterday, Tyler was right at the borderline for needing red blood cells and hydration, so we fully expected to spend today at the hospital getting infusions. We also expected his platelet count to be on the borderline today, since he has been burning through about 12-14 per day and was at 32 yesterday.

In a stunning change of events, Tyler's tests today allowed us to leave the hospital by 9:30am and prepare to spend the day however we wish. His red blood cells climbed from 27.7 yesterday to 28.1 today AND his platelets only dropped to 29! Dare we hope his body is starting to produce a few on its own?

Tomorrow's test will probably give us a good idea, but we're hopeful that maybe his blast crisis is getting back under control. Say a prayer with us, will you?



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