Monday, September 24, 2007

The Waiting Game

On September 12th, Tyler had a bone marrow extraction to provide samples for testing at the next level of remission. The bone marrow extraction can be quite painful despite the local anesthetics used. Basically the doctor sticks a needle into Ty's sternum and exerts pressure to suck some of the bone marrow back into a waiting vacuum tube.

Tyler did great in terms of facing the expected pain and actually said that this time was easier than the time they took his marrow in the hospital. The doctor explained to us that this is normal for many leukemia patients. At diagnosis, their marrow is so packed with extra white blood cells that it doesn't release as easily as healthy marrow should. The fact that it was easier this time is an indication that Tyler's health has improved.

Unfortunately, we are now playing the waiting game for the results. We have another appointment scheduled for October 8th to get the results from the bone marrow testing. In the meantime, we wait...

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