Sunday, February 14, 2010

Starting to Feel it

Tyler has been taking Interferon for about a week now and is definitely feeling it.  The doctor predicted that Tyler would feel like he had the flu for about 2 weeks and that is a good description.  He's tired and achy and feeling lousy overall.  Sadly, there isn't much that we can do except suffer through it.

He continues to give himself a shot each night.  He must give the shot in a different place each night, so he alternates between left and right legs, left and right belly, and left and right arm.  Actually...  I have to give the arm shots.  I sympathize so much more with diabetics who must give themselves insulin shots, after watching Tyler give himself a shot on Interferon.

We thank you for your continued prayers!


  1. Mike and I are praying for you guys. (Those shots suck. I remember doing shots for IVF to have Addison and it was no fun.)It was so good to see both of you at the party. We look forward to seeing more of you guys this year. As always, we are sending you guys positive energy and lots of prayers.
    Love, Cynthia

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