Friday, December 4, 2009

Imagine Saving a Life!

Please help us save some lives next week. As a blood donor with Puget Sound Blood Center, you can give the precious gift of life this holiday season. Your blood donation brings much needed support to patients in our hospitals and the need for blood in our community is ongoing.

Our "O negative " blood type is at a CRITICAL LEVEL...
The need for 0 NEG DONORS:

- “Only O negative blood can be used for all patients in an emergency.”
- “That is why blood donors, like you, play such a vital role in creating a safety net when tragedy strikes.”
-“That is why blood donors, like you, are needed to donate as often as they can give.”
-“Please help to ensure the local supply of blood is available by donating blood as often as you can.”
-Why not start today? Imagine saving a life.

When: Tuesday, December 8th
Where: WSIPC (Everett, WA) – Bus in parking lot
When: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

To sign up on-line please click on the following link:
For information please contact Don Denny at (425) 349-6600 ext. 6453 or email at or contact Hal Woods at (425) 349-6600 ext. 6451 or email at
For questions regarding donor eligibility, please contact the Clinical Program at 1-800-DONATE-1, Ext 2543 or
Thank you in advance for saving lives!

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