Thursday, May 29, 2008

Learning about BCR-ABL results

We met with Dr. M and got more test results on 5/28/08

Tyler's numbers were:

WBC: 3.5
HCT: 31.0
PLT: 160

In addition, we got the results of Tyler's BCR-ABL test from earlier in the month. The doctor says this marker continues to improve, although a little bit slower than one would like. It's been tough to understand these since they are measured in log reductions and it has been a long time since I got to dig in on a math topic like logs. Essential the ratio is the number of abnormal cells divided by the standardized normal number of cells.

In any case, Dr. M shared with us the results from the last few months.

Feb: .5
Mar: .3
Apr: .3
May: .1

While Tyler still has abnormal cells, there has been continued improvement so the doctor opted to leave him on the same dosage schedule for now.

We don't see Dr. M until the last week of June, although Tyler will continue to go in for weekly blood tests this month.

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