Friday, June 1, 2007

Hello everyone, it is now June and things keep getting better every day! Earlier this week I had an ultrasound on my spleen to see if it had returned to its normal size. I received a call from the doctor yesterday and was told it had indeed returned to normal. This means that I can be active without worrying about damaging/puncturing my spleen.

I was able to join the soccer team last night for the first time since last november for outdoor soccer. It was such a great feeling to be out on the field again! I was able to play most of the game without getting too tired, but had to take several water breaks.

Work is also much better for me as my energy has increased steadily, and I feel I am getting close to 100% again. The chemotherapy medicine they are treating me with has been so amazing for me. Not only is it searching out and destroying the mechanism in my body that creates the "bad" white blood cells, but I feel better than I have in probably two years! I have minimal side effects with this medicine also, which is lucky because many people do have problems with side effects including nausea.

I have so many things to be thankful for, including all of you that have prayed for me, thought about me, and helped me get through this initial part of my battle with this cancer. I am so thankful to have Mandy in my life as she keeps me grounded and always looking forward to each day!

Take care,


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